There's an endless amount of date ideas that you can do outside of the house, but within the walls of your house, it's time to be creative and crafty. If you're more of the video games and relax kind of person, these may not be for you, but maybe you'll change your mind after thinking of how much your partner might like them.

Challenge yourselves with a puzzle

Working on a tough jigsaw puzzle together sounds like an ideal night in for those who enjoy a challenge. Decompress with one of Uncommon Goods’ selection of puzzles that range from vintage state postcards to pop culture. Pour a glass of sparkling wine to accompany your mind-boggling puzzle!

Cooking together with an unfamiliar cookbook

The common spaghetti or grilled entree can easily get repetitive, so spice up your nightly dinner routine by heading to your local bookstore and purchasing a cookbook that speaks to you. Bring vibrant, Caribbean energy into your kitchen with Craig and Shaun McAnuff’s Original Flava: Caribbean Recipes from Home or satisfy your sweet tooth with Jerrelle Guy’s Black Girl Baking. If cookbooks aren’t calling your name, you can always watch Netflix’s new series High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America for inspiration.


Although paint-and-sip events are fun, it’s possible to have a more budget-friendly option at home with a wider range of drink options. Purchase some canvases, paint, brushes and watch an instructional video – like a classic Bob Ross tutorial – to reach your full artistic potential. Don’t forget to grab a bottle or two of wine and turn on a soothing playlist!

Stay-at-home movie theater

Buttery popcorn kernels, cheesy romantic movies and a cozy blanket – an experience that will replicate a trip to the movie theaters from the comfort of your home. If you'd like to go the extra step, dress up as if you're at the premiere of the film and host a movie marathon. Don't limit yourself to buttery popcorn, either. Popcorn Queens, a Maryland-based company, sells caramel, chipotle and more flavors beyond the original. There's no rules on what to watch and eat, since it's your house!

Karaoke night

Who needs to leave the house for a karaoke bar when portable karaoke machines exist? If you don’t want to purchase a fancy machine, opt in for a wireless microphone and a YouTube video with on screen lyrics. Whether the vibe is 90s R&B or 70s disco, your living room can turn into a dance party!

Cocktails and charcuterie boards

Learning to create cocktails at-home and deck out a charcuterie board are not only two unique meal ideas for a night-in, but they double as a cool skill for the next time you have friends over. 

There’s plenty of cocktail kits online to purchase, but if you’re not in the mood for cocktails, grab a bottle of the McBride Sisters wine. If it’s your first time making a charcuterie board, look on Pinterest for inspiration and purchase a jam to complement your meats and cheeses by Black woman-owned company Trade St. Jam

Turn your backyard/balcony into a campsite

If you’re lucky enough to have a projector lying around, bring some blankets or an inflatable air mattress outside and have your own camping trip. Stargazing, listening to music or playing a movie on a projector is a simple way to spice up date night. Extra points if you make s’mores while you’re outdoors!

Start scrapbooking

Take your framed photos lying around the house to the next level by creating a scrapbook for you and your partner’s memorable moments. For beginners, scrapbook themes can incorporate themes like travel, milestone dates or a bucket list. Whether you describe yourself as a crafty person or not, Pinterest has inspiration awaiting you and your local craft store is calling your name. 

Start a garden together

Gardening is not only a stress relieving activity, but you’re also growing food for your future self. Take a trip to a local nursery prior to date night and stock up on some soil, gardening supplies and seeds. It’s not cheating if you purchase a plant that’s already bearing some fruit. Nobody will know! By the next at-home date night, you’ll have some fresh herbs or veggies to add to your meal.

Take a personality test/love languages

Are you and your partner compatible according to a personality test? Use 16 Personalities to discover more about yourself in a detailed response, or check out the couples’ test on 5 Love Languages to see if your love language is words of affirmation, receiving gifts, physical touch, quality time or acts of kindness. In exchange, you’ll learn more about each other and yourselves.

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