With lifted COVID-19 restrictions and growing travel itineraries, summer is really starting to grow on us - and so is the list of Black-owned beauty brands to add to your summer beauty regimen.

These top ten sustainable and eco-friendly beauty brands not only help enhance our beauty and skincare needs, but are also effortlessly made with melanin in mind.

There are an endless amount of toxic beauty products that only seek to harm our skin and environment, however, with this list of ethically sustainable beauty brands, we can further educate and spread awareness on the importance of buying Black and organic. 

Lalin et La Siren 

Lalin et La Siren is mixing luxury with sustainability, the right way! Powered by the moon and sea, this Brooklyn based beauty brand was created to care for our bodies with passion and ease. The Caribbean inspired brand focuses on natural and sustainable ingredients that are inspired by Afro Caribbean American roots, which seek to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin for a fresh and luxurious feeling. Lalin et La Siren takes pride in an all natural unwind that helps you focus on self-love and tender care for the soul. 

Mented Cosmetics 

Owned and operated by two leading beauticians, KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson, Mented Cosmetics is here to serve all of your beauty needs- the cruelty free and vegan way. From lipsticks to eyeshadows, Mented Cosmetics was specially crafted to adhere to all skin tones and complexions. The cruelty free and vegan brand walks you step by step in finding your perfect shade of foundations and lipsticks through a 60 second shade finder quiz. If Mented Cosmetics isn't screaming your name by now, I’m not sure what will! 

Rose MD Skin

Rose MD, created by Dr. Rose Ingleton, was made specifically with melanin in mind. Crafted with all natural ingredients and Jamaican fruit extracts, Rose MD caters to some of our most pressing skin care concerns such as hyperpigmentation, anti-aging, blemishes, dullness, and redness to name a few. Ingleton’s clean and effortless skincare formulas focus on nontoxic ingredients and help you feel more confident in your skin. 

Plain Jane Beauty 

Plain Jane Beauty has coined a phrase we should all choose to live by. "Beauty is being comfortable in your own skin, not someone else's." The sustainably sourced brand serves to consciously arm its customers with naturally safe products that help serve our beauty and skincare needs in an enriching day-to-day experience. Sourced ethically from Hartwell, Georgia, Plain Jane Beauty focuses on plant based ingredients that serve to provide maximum results in cosmetic wear, helping to maintain long-lasting moisture without clogging the pores. 

Liha Beauty 

Abi and Liha, the owners of Liha Beauty, had one vision in mind when crafting their vegan-friendly brand- skincare that serves the mind, body, and soul with enriching formulas that accentuate who we are inside and out. Liha Beauty’s goal is to incorporate all natural ingredients that empower natural beauty while setting a new standard of skincare that focuses on West African and English aromatherapy. As the brand would call its “ethos,” Liha Beauty shares its roots of culture and community to spread self-love and wellness around the world. 

Novel Skincare 

Novel Skincare is the brand you just can’t miss out on. Founded by Nneka Flemming, the sustainably crafted brand seeks to provide products that “read you like a novel.” Novel Skincare’s handcrafted products are meant to cater to every customer's personal experience and life story. Novel Skincare wants to “read you,” by acknowledging your day-to-day life and how that most evidently translates within your skin. Novel’s award winning vegan and natural skincare collections are crafted to complement your daily skincare regimen while catering to specific skincare needs. Our lives are like novels, and though we should never judge the book by its cover, why not tell our story with the best products out there? 


Lather your skin in all natural ingredients derived from some of the best Black-owned products BLK + GRN has to offer. Offering plant based cleansers to mineral foundations, The beauty/ skincare retailer aims to connect minorities with a naturally green lifestyle, providing high quality products that don't sacrifice our health and overall wellness. BLK +GRN seeks to provide products that help curate a healthy and conscious mindset that go hand in hand with a healthy body. BLK + GRN is planting the seeds so that you can enjoy the richness of an all organic lifestyle. 

Nyakio Beauty 

Nyakio Beauty is bringing us globally sourced ingredients that are inspired by family traditions. The clean and effortless inspired beauty brand is taking charge when it comes to banning harmful chemicals and promoting skincare that nourishes by enhancing our skin’s natural glow and complexion. 

Epi. logic 

As seen in Allure, Into the Gloss, Vogue, Elle, In Style, and Who What Wear, Epi.logic is dominating the scene of sustainable and scientific based beauty. With a focus on industry-leading research and helping women of color feel their best, Epi.logic is aiding to minimize our daily skincare routine with maximized results and active ingredients. CEO, Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton, created her brand in an effort to voice the concerns of her patients and clients, by crafting powerful skincare products that amplify the skin. Epi.logic’s use of retinol, Vitamin C, human growth factors, and other all natural ingredients, are specially handcrafted to cater to all skin types- And yes, even post-treatment and sensitive skin!


Shimiroseuk, a London based beauty brand, prides itself on the wellbeing of its customers with a focus on cruelty free, all natural, and vegan ingredients, while preserving the sustenance of our environment. Directly sourced from a women's cooperative in Ghana, Shimirose incorporates unrefined shea butter for our hair, skin, and body's overall health. The London based brand is reimagining sustainability and is helping to better our day to day routines with a little bit of mindfulness and care for mother earth.

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