Ladies, the sun has been setting after 5 PM. We’ve been getting a lot more rain, the temperature has been fluctuating, and we’ve been slowly switching out our heavy coats for lighter jackets. That means Spring is right around the corner. The days of cold temperatures and seasonal depression will soon be behind us. The start of the season brings new opportunities as well as a new wardrobe.

In the springtime, you should switch out your winter clothes for those that are more suitable for warmer weather. An issue that many people tend to run into is opening up the container of their spring clothes and realizing that they want to spice up their style a little bit. Sometimes last years duds just won’t do it. Don’t worry! We are filling you in on some 21Ninety Approved styles that you can look forward to rocking this spring.

Spring Styles To Be On The Lookout For

Maxi Skirts

If you think maxi skirts are a trend of the past, you may need to brace yourself for a time warp. The maxi skirt is back, but not just any type. This time around, the look is statement maxi skirts like this bold 21Ninety approved animal print option. It adds a pop of fun to your outfit in the best way. This elastic waisted skirt is machine washable making it both comfortable and low maintenance. While it’s a simple basic, it also will add a special touch to any outfit. You’ll easily wear it time and time again. Make sure to stand out this spring. As a complete contrast to last year’s micromini skirt, this style will give your outfit the touch of femininity it needs.


Mesh is here to stay. Continuing on with the Y2K blast from the past, everyone is adding mesh to their outfits this spring. The breathable fabric gives you that rebellious look without going too far. This mesh option combines halter and off-the-shoulder styles. It’s soft and comfortable to wear but does require a little extra TLC. Care instructions include hand washing this piece. If a top isn’t your style, you can opt instead for a mesh dress which will still give you the effortless look you want. Not only does the fabric add texture and dimension to your outfits it also shows just enough skin. Make a sexy yet mysterious impression with this spring trend.

Ballet Flats

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We likely all have someone in our lives that has advised us against wearing ballet flats, but it’s time to bring them back out. For those who tend to lean into being extra, the ballet flat is typically reserved for when your feet can’t bear another second in heels. Pack these babies in your bag and when no one’s looking, you switch them out. This time around, however, the shoes should be more of a statement than a savior. This graceful, bowed option comes in a variety of colors to match your style. It’s easy to imagine dressing these up or down. Try wearing them with jeans or a skirt, day or night. This flat features a classic ballerina style with a point toe and a flexible anti-skid rubber sole.

Low-Rise Bottoms

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Alright, you got us. Everything from Y2K is coming back this spring. That includes the return of low-rise pants. You may hate them, but they really can give you the look you’re going for. Yes, that means your high-waisted jeans may have to go in storage until they’re back in style. This pair of 21Ninety approved low-waisted jeans are a great start. The dark denim is versatile enough to run errands during the day and go out with the girls at night. They are an easy way to transition your wardrobe to the torso-extending style. You don’t have to stop at just pants, you can get low-rise skirts and even shorts. The possibilities are endless!

Platform Sandals

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The platform sandal has been in style for quite some time, so there’s no surprise that it’s in style this spring. This year, however, feature a bunch of bold colors and prints. If you’re going out for the night, try switching up your style to a platform heel. The chunky look is in and that skinny, frail look is out. This pair of simple black slip-on platforms are a Steve Madden dupe. They are perfect for a beautiful sunny day with your new low rise jeans. Or try pairing them with a maxi skirt and your new mesh top. Its time to rev up the punk-rebel look all the way to 100!

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