Supernova. Magic. Icon. Legend. CEO. GOAT. Mother. Serena Williams goes by a lot of names and they all fit her well. The world’s best athlete just turned 40 years old and we never miss an opportunity to celebrate her. From making tennis a sport that everyone could see themselves represented in to breaking down barriers in the sports ownership world to being a champion for women’s body image issues, Serena has truly been a torchbearer for Black women and girls everywhere. In honor of another decade of our favorite girl, here are our favorite moments from our other favorite Williams sister. 

This dazzling number truly was a moment

When she returned this 138 mph serve at Wimbledon

When she gave us a tour of her home and forgot how many trophies she has because...winning is a given. 

This Serena Williams x Wonder Woman crossover because...duh!

Her Crip walk at the 2012 Olympics after winning Gold. 

This adorable ballet moment between her and Olympia

This splits moment, sis?!

This Question Game where Serena lays out the rules of engagement for a Queen. 

Long may the Queen reign!!! Happy Birthday, Serena!

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