Black businesses serve as a pillar of structure in the Black community. Acting as a phoenix throughout centuries of prejudice and exploitation, Black businesses are a reminder of the irrepressible growth and resiliency that the Black community has. Community and patronage are the plinths of support that keep Black businesses thriving, especially in an age where our people continue to be targeted in acts of racism and prejudice. During Black History Month, many were clear to market their allyship in the fight against prejudice and the dismantling of systemic racism, but we know all too well that a single month of recognition will not erase the history of destruction and socioeconomic disparity. 

Each day is a momentous time in history for our people and we do not need national validation to prove that. We see too often how companies, who neglect to accurately and fairly represent our community in promotion, yet benefit off of our aesthetic, are compensated for the gross appropriation of our community. We see how they are silent when it comes to Black issues, despite the majority of their income coming from Black consumers. Today we’d like to offer you an alternative. 

Appreciation and value of the Black community are more than a monthly task, they are a daily commitment, whether you belong to this community or have extended your voice as an ally. Social media has played its part in the wide-spread teem of activism- work that not only includes physical and mental advocacy, but financial advocacy as well. Here are 50 Black-Owned businesses you can support to continue propelling the wealth and security of our community. 

1: The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar caught the world’s attention back in 2015 when owner Melissa Butler appeared on an episode of Shark Tank. Although Melissa received negative feedback, six years later we can find this affordable high-end brand in our local Target. An ironic reminder that even closed doors can produce opportunities.

2: COTA Skin

CEO Britni Ricard, also known as "Bee Marie", has created a bundle of skincare products that have redefined the market of health and beauty. This line was created to address issues such as hyperpigmentation, hormonal acne and other issues that affect people of all backgrounds. With CBD infused cleansers and serums, COTA Skin has taken a unique approach to treat various ailments of all skin types. 

3: Partake Foods

Partake Foods made headlines as Jay-Z and Rihanna joined on as special investors for its initial startup. Partake Foods prides its company on the production and distribution of allergy-free foods. Along with their success in sales, founder and CEO Denise Woodard became the first woman of color to raise $4.8 million in a food startup. 

4: The Honey Pot

The Honey Pot takes on the task of providing plant-based feminine care products as a means of promoting vaginal health. With products that range from washes, to pads and wipes, The Honey Pot is addressing the issues women face when it comes to upholding feminine health by providing all-natural products. 

5: Body & Soul Naturally

Based in Oak Lawn, IL, Body & Soul Naturally seeks to be “part of the solution” with the production of eco-friendly and aluminum-free deodorant. Cysts are often found under the folds of the skin, such as the armpit and the groin area, and can be a result of the continued use of synthetic materials. This Black-Owned brand seeks to provide all-natural hygienic care. 


Founder and CEO Maci Jackson has created a luxury swim line, providing quality materials and exclusive designs. Founded 12.31.2020, this Black-owned brand is on its way to leaving its mark on the fashion industry. MMI Swim provides affordable, yet lavish designs that you won’t find at your local Target. Head over to their site for all of your vacation needs. 

7: True Laundry Detergent

At 4x concentration, True Laundry Detergent is a natural solution for your housekeeping needs. Less is truly more thanks to the effectiveness of this product. Four times the solution, minus the synthetic chemicals, makes this product a revolutionary addition to your laundry room. 

8: Sawaa’s

“Sawaa’s is here for your kitchen and home,” a reassurance found on the homepage of their website. Sawaa’s provides trash bags that you can depend on for durability. Help keep your home fresh with the addition of their products.

9: Scented Company

Founded by a clinical psychologist, this company is delivering more than a pleasant scent to your home. With thoughtfully crafted soy candles, Scented Company offers hand-made products that aid in the decompression and fragrance of your home. 

10: Blakk Smoke

On 10.16.2020, Cardell “Blakk Tatted” Bradley created his own lane in the production of hookah devices and supplies. A unique formula coupled with quality products provided by Blakk Smoke, guarantees an enjoyable time had by all participants. Already on the rise at its young age- and grossing over one million dollars, Blakk Smoke is becoming the go-to Hookah supplier for all of your recreational needs. 

11: Oyin Handmade

Founder Jamyla Bennu initiated her journey in the haircare market when she began creating products for herself in 2001. In 2003 she launched Oyin Handmade, seeing the need for all-natural products for our community. As a Black-Owned brand, Oyin incorporates quality food-grade ingredients into the manufacturing of their haircare products.   

12: Hairbrella

With the hair industry being a multibillion-dollar market, it is no secret that the Black community is a large part of that consumer base. Founder Tracey Pickett pioneered a magnificent way to protect that investment. Hairbrella is the world’s first satin-lined rain cap that allows you to protect your hair under any forecast. 

13: All Things Ankara Shop

In the wake of the pandemic a need was created for the production of face masks. You can protect yourself in style with this company's re-useable Ankara face masks and shields. With a variety of selections to choose from, this company will not leave you disappointed with its tens of exclusive styles you can purchase to protect yourselves. 

14: Black Girl Sunscreen

Once upon a time, a myth was created that people of color did not need to protect themselves against the same rays that produced our melanin. Since disproven, it is no easy task to find a sunscreen that works well with our skin and does not leave a residue whilst being effective. In 2016, Black Girl Sunscreen provided a solution that has carved a path in the skincare industry. 

15: 9th & Maxwell

Individuality and expression are the core of the Black community; 9th & Maxwell is a nontoxic nail lacquer company that allows for freedom of expression. Not only do they provide our community with quality, vegan products, a portion of each sale is donated toward minority youth, providing assistance for scholarships and grants.

16: Red Fox Fitness

The pandemic sprouted many business and fitness ventures- this company took both journeys and coupled them together to provide quality workout equipment. Red Fox Fitness is known for their durable and heavy-duty range products- allowing you to maximize your workout in the comfort of your own home. 

17: Sense 2 Cents

Financial literacy is a facet of generational wealth that is often left unaddressed in our community. Sense 2 Cents tackles this issue at the root, starting with the family base, including children. In April of 2019, founder Ashley Clark, began educating families in our community. Through games and flash cards, Clark found a way to increase awareness and educate families about where to start building wealth and protecting financial assets. 

18: Twelve AM Co.

Let’s talk about what luxury means to us! When we think of a luxury shoe, don’t forget that there are brand-names within our community as well. Twelve AM Co. has a wide variety of luxury boots, heels, slippers and sandals to cater to all of your luxury footwear needs. If you are not familiar with them-I encourage you to head over to their website and checkout their selections for yourself. 

19: Young Fly & Living 4 God

Bryant and Tacara McGregor’s mission is clearly one of purpose and intentionality. This brand has infused its Faith with fashion. In 2013 Young Fly & Living 4 God presented a unique concept in the world of fashion! In an industry where Faith and business are typically separated, these trailblazers dared to combine the two for an extraordinary mission. 


BLK+GRN is a health and wellness marketplace of hair, skin and grocery products, all produced by Black artisans. Noting the damage, synthetic and toxic materials have had on the welfare of our community, BLK+GRN joined to introduce natural, toxic-free brands into our communities. 

21: McBride Sisters Wine Collection

Need an alternative to your local grocery wine selection? The McBride Sisters offer an empowering exchange. The McBride Sisters Wine Collection is a Black-Owned brand, mostly known for their “Black Girl Magic Riesling”- a sweet and tangy take on your typical wine. 

22: Lorraine West Jewelry:

Lorraine West Jewelry offers contemporary pieces, all handcrafted to perfection. With each piece different from the next, one can be assured that these quality pieces of art have been created with the preservation of self and originality in mind.

23: Portrait Coffee

Skipping the Starbucks around the corner and heading to your kitchen cabinet will be a promising switch with this next product. Based in Atlanta, Ga, Portrait Coffee offers a high-quality brew with a mission that is more than just waking up its consumers. Recognizing the lack of Black entrepreneurial presence in the West End, Portrait Coffee founders are pouring resources back into their community to spike Black entrepreneurial initiative. 

24: Forty Acres Fresh

Based in Chicago, IL, owner Liz Abunaw has created a safe place to combat the fresh food disparity that minority communities face. Abunaw is yet another example of how Black women wrap their hands around the Black community and invest in the growth and wellbeing of our people. 

25: Iya Foods

Noting the lack of African inspired food brands, Iya Foods filled the gap. Committing to the cultivation and nourishment of our community through African inspired foods- this brand is putting a fresh, cultural spin on typically westernized foods by conjoining their presentation with homage to their African heritage. 

26: Southern Culture Foods

Erica Barnett and her mother teamed up to provide a concise way to create your favorite breakfast foods. Waffle mixes, pancake mixes and grits, are all staples to a hearty breakfast meal. Southern Culture Foods has made its way into our stores as a one stop shop for our culinary needs. 

27: Happy Mango

Happy Mango is an eco-friendly “mom, baby and tot” store that prides itself on the distribution of “green products” for all your baby needs. This store has everything from feeding supplies to strollers! This Atlanta based business is a great parental alternative to supermarket buys.

28: Darlyng & Co.

Darlyng & Co. is a Black- owned company that supplies high-quality bath time and clothing products for babies and toddlers. Listed as the first Black-Owned kids registry, Darlyng & Co. has over 100 everyday essentials for your parenting needs.

29: Hyper Skin

The creator of Hyper Skin, Desire Verdejo, imposed a solution to the ailment of hyperpigmentation and discoloration that many people of color face. A line driven with hero products, such as the Hyper Skin Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum, makes our support a no brainer as they continue to aid our community in wellness and skincare. 

30: Bevel

Bevel creator Tristan Walker maintains the brand’s purpose “to make health and beauty simple for people of color.” Bevel is doing just that with its order of hair and skincare products, catered to addressing the issues of irritation and hyperpigmentation that men face. 

31: Dehiya Beauty

A plant-based, ancestral inspired skincare line is on the rise in our community. Founder Mia Chae Reddy was inspired, after her time spent in Morroco with an African herbalist, to incorporate medicinal ingredients into her skincare line. Argan oil, Bassu oil and other botanical ingredients, fuse together to fight bouts of dryness and hyperpigmentation. 

32: Levenity

Dallas-based, Levenity is a contemporary luxury sportswear brand whose sophistication and style brings a unique presentation to the world of sportswear. Haitian-American designer Venny Etienne, shadows the future of high-fashion athletic appeal. 

33: Nubian Luxury Robes

Nubian Luxury Robes presents itself in opulence and grace, serving luxury to its customers. Exclusively designed robes, give today’s buyers a sense of sophistication and confidence as they wrap themselves in these silk garments. 

34: LaviebyCK

Cameroon born designer Claude Kameni, puts her passion for designing on display with her African themed line. A self-taught prodigy, Kameni effortlessly joins the African culture and modern styles together for a creation of her own. Bold pieces are cause for clamor for anyone who sports their contemporary wear.  

35: Goode Foods

Goode Foods is bringing you all-natural beans, vegetables and baby food with no added preservatives. Taking an interest in the health of our community is the promotion of Black culture in itself- Goode Foods is doing its part to ensure everything is “Goode” in our neighborhoods. 

36: Mersi Cookware

Mersi Cookware is a Black-Owned cookware line that specializes in the supply of high-quality cookware and utensils. Community is sometimes centered in the kitchen and Mersi Cookware is making sure you have everything you need to provide high quality meals. 

37: Coral Oral Care 
Coral Oral Care is a Black-owned company that sells FDA approved toothbrushes. Founded by a youth group in Atlanta, GA, you will find their mission of activism and preservation embedded in their company. Sporting a sleek black look, Coral Oral Care prides itself on being the first Black-owned toothbrush company.

38: We Buy Black

Talk about a fortress of Black Businesses, We Buy Black is the encouragement we need to see in our community today. This Black-Owned brand serves as a distributor for all things Black. I encourage you to take a look at their social media page and be inspired by the business ventures being had in our community today. 

39: Derma Organics

UK based natural hair and skincare line is making noise in the hair and skincare industry. Founded by Nigerian native Adaaku Iwuajoku, Derma Organics was born out of the needs for a remedy for hair and skin conditions that did not include steroidal treatment. Derma Organics has served a purpose in providing its consumers quality handmade products for every skin type. 

40: 3rdEyeView Eyewear

When eccentricity meets fashion, identity is born. 3rdEyeView is not your typical eyewear provider, catered to their mission of individuality, expression and inclusion, each piece is a statement piece. Standing out is part of the culture- this luxury optic brand helps preserve that aspect of identity. 

41: Johnny Nelson Jewelry

Johnny Nelson Jewelry was founded in 2017, the first thing you’ll notice about these conversation pieces is the audacious display of Black pride. Black Panther Party, Harriet Tubman and Black Power aesthetics are all part of the shock and embrace for these statement pieces. Johnny Nelson Jewelry could best be described as unapologetically Black in every aspect of their presentation.

42: One DNA

The most attractive concept of One DNA is their commitment to gender-neutral pieces. They draw their line in the sand, rejecting gender conformist attitudes and subjection. There are no roles for their pieces, and it staples their brand as one of acceptance and inclusivity. 

43: Agrestal Beauty

Agrestal Beauty is an all-natural skincare line whose products remain unprocessed and are delivered to users in their true form. In alignment with their mission, Agrestal Beauty provides their customers with the cultivation of their growth through luxury handmade products. 

44: Sincerely, Tommy

A Brooklyn based concept store has made quite a statement with its minimalist score of women’s clothing. This high-fashion brand has made its mark from its quaint location in Brooklyn. Make no mistake though, there is nothing demure about these pieces, they are wrapped in distinctiveness and originality.

45: Olori Cosmetics

With ingredients imported straight from the Motherland, Olori Cosmetics is including culture and exclusive ingredients into the making of their products. Their organic and all-natural products hold a good rapport with hair across all afro-textures. 

46: Vie Beauty

Vie Beauty “does not compromise when it comes to quality”, a slogan that is supported by the high-quality ingredients invested into their skincare products. Each package is draped in luxury and you can’t help but to feel a sense of pride and empowerment with each use.

47: Philosophy Winery & Vineyard

You can never have too many wines! Add a touch of class and sophistication to your evening with this Black-Owned wine brand. As the first Black-Owned winery in the state of Maryland, Philosophy is already making national headlines. 

48: Sucre Couture

“What’s in your Little Black Box?” No doubt a mystical sense of class and indulgence comes to mind upon the thought of Sucre Couture. This Black-Owned luxury jewelry line impresses us with high-quality pieces from their “Little Black Box.”

49: Ceylon Skincare

It isn’t often that we see a skincare brand whose main indulgence is towards men of color. Ceylon Skincare reminds men of color that they too are deserving of luxury and high-quality lines that are catered to the skin issues men of color face.

50: 54 Thrones

Featured on Oprah’s 2020 “Favorite Things” list, 54 Thrones is coming out with a bang. 54 Thrones based their skincare line off of ancestral African beauty rituals and didn’t short us on the use of premium botanical ingredients. 

Each one of the businesses mentioned above, and even those that have not been included, have contributed to the making of Black History. While we get one month to saturate our appreciation- remember these businesses continue to exist after the month of celebration is over. 

Continue to pour into the very businesses that keep our communities thriving-not to punish those companies that refuse to acknowledge our spot at a table we built- but because we as a people are too great of a resource to need anything otherwise. We will no longer fund the catering of tables we are not welcome at. We will continue to build our own.

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