Summer is quickly approaching and it’s no longer a Hot Girl or City Girl summer. Meg and the City Girls held us down, but we’re in our Villain Era and it’s definitely going to be a villain summer. 

And if you’re wondering what a villain era and/or summer is, we can thank Euphoria for it, specifically Cassie Howard’s infamous line, “Well if that makes me a villain, then so f*cking be it.” 

No, you’re not actually a villain. And this era isn’t about being an antagonist. This era is about breaking the mold and playing by your own rules. 

It is about setting boundaries and doing what is right for you. You’re not listening to what society expects of you. You are listening to your intuition and rocking out. And if that makes you a villain than so be it!  

There are tons of places to visit during the summer, but these six places are fit for your villain era. 

Cartagena, Colombia

I was able to get in touch with travel wanderer @mindoflewis.  He’s been in his villain era before Tik Tok determined it was a thing. The cherry on top is that he visits some of the dopest countries in the world.

When I asked him what country would he recommend, without hesitation he responded Cartagena, Colombia. I get it. The architecture is old world , the back drop is the beautiful Caribbean coast and if it’s one place that is definitely a vibe, Cartagena is that.

Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands 

If procuring a passport was not on the To Do List , you can still get a tropical get away that will wow you. Saint Thomas is nestled in the Caribbean Sea and it’s apart of the U.S. Virgin Islands. No passport Necessary.

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

It’s a quick get away and guess what? It’s not too far away from home. Sandy beaches, the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, lighthouses and seafood houses make this place a vacation spot to get into the groove of your Villain Era.


Hawaii is a “tried and true” vacay spot. It’s also doesn’t require a passport because it’s technically one of the fifty states. Live out your villain era next to lush greenery, gorgeous volcanic views and clear water.

The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Nothing  spells Villain Era like the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Old world charm meets crashing blue waves and delectable cuisine.

Phucket, Thailand

What better way to set boundaries and live unapologetically than to vacation in Thailand. Travel through the thickets, hike, canoe or even snorkel in the caves. Abstain from riding an elephant because it is cruel.

Villain Era