We love a generous hottie. Everyone’s favorite hot girl, Meg Thee Stallion, reached down into her saddlebag to help some fans in need. After one reached out to the rapper on Twitter to let her know that a fellow hottie had recently passed away and the family was raising funds to have them buried, Meg responded, asking how much was needed to make it happen. She then donated the remaining $8,155 under her legal name Megan Pete.

No stranger to loss herself as she lost her own mother in March of 2019, it’s nice to see one of our favs be so giving. Oftentimes, fans are seen as just another part of the business, but stars who are able to truly connect with and care for the people who support them are such gems.

The fan responded with a heartfelt thank you and a message on behalf of her departed friend, "Shaniah would be screaming right now that their favorite artist just paid the rest of their memorial fund," they wrote. "Meg Thee Stallion is a beautiful person & I know she’ll never see this but she’s THAT b---h. Support the f--- out of her please. A musician who truly cares about their fans.”

Prior to releasing her new single “Thot S**t” and the accompanying visuals, Meg had been pretty quiet, taking some time off to focus on her mental health and relax. But she didn’t leave us completely dehydrated. Thee Stallion has been making sure to bless us with her perfect presence on social media showing off her natural hair and curves! We can’t help but stan.

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