Who’s that girl? Sha’Carri Richardson’s THAT girl and she’s got no problem with putting the world on notice. Over the weekend, Richardson laced up her sneakers and raced her way into the hearts of millions as she qualified for her first Olympics just one week after the death of her biological mother. Drawing comparisons to legends like Florence Griffith Joyner, Sha’Carri seems ready and willing to step into the bright lights and, not only shine, but dominate.

Richardson has cemented herself as the fastest woman in U.S. sprinting history other than the aforementioned Flo Jo running a 100-meter dash in 10.86 seconds. To put things in perspective, the last time a U.S. woman won a gold Olympic medal in the 100 meters was Gail Devers in 1996. 


25 years later, all eyes are on Richardson as she heads to Tokyo to put on a show. And one cannot ignore the optics of Sha’Carri. She is 5’1, not the average height for a track and field athlete. She runs in bright colored wigs, long acrylic nails and with a swag that the sport hasn’t seen in a while. When she crossed the finish line on Sunday, the pint size phenomenon exclaimed, “Stop playing with me!” after doing a classic point to the NBC cameras. Richardson’s start goes back to 2016’s Junior Olympics where she won gold then followed at LSU where she really began to cement herself as the top young sprinter in the country before deciding to go pro.

In her post-race interview, Sha’Carri shared a touching tribute to the people who have helped her arrive at this historic point in her career at just 21-years-old. "I'm highly blessed and grateful... My family is my everything. My everything until the day I'm done,” she said, “…nobody knows what I go through, everybody has struggles and I understand that…but y’all see me on this track and y’all see the poker face I put on but nobody but them and my coach knows what I go through on a day-to-day basis…without them there would be no me.”

We cannot wait to see Sha’Carri Richardson shine at the Olympics and will be rooting for her to bring home the gold!

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