Tianna Jenkins

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Tianna Jenkins is a New Orleans Native by birth, but She was raised in Houston, TX. Tianna is A Women Empowerment Advocate, A Minister, An inspiring writer, and A people’s person that enjoy uplifting and inspiring women in person and across social media. This Woman is a serial entrepreneur that wears a lot of hats! Tianna is also A content partner with the #1 Bible App in the world, Bible App (YouVersion), and she’s super excited for her journey in ministry + women Empowerment! Tianna is the founder/owner of HerSelfLoveJourney! Herselflovejourney is a faith-based Women Empowerment Ministry thats empowering women to flourish W/ Jesus leadership principles. Tianna is also the owner/founder of a business consultant brand called “Vendors4Bosses.” She’s helped thousands of women start businesses from 2018-2020. Hey, what can you say? She is the girl for the job! She’s Called by God, and positioned for greatness.

How To Overcome Procrastination Along Your Entrepreneurial Journey

byTianna Jenkins