Beyoncé has announced the Renaissance World Tour dates! Of course, the internet just about lost its damn mind. The frenzy, as well as the speculations of how much the tickets are going to cost, has us thinking about some of our favorite and greatest performances from Queen Bey. Below are some of our favorite Bey performing moments that we curated, in no particular order.


Bey’s 2018 Coachella performance was one for the books, and will forever go down in history as a moment. From the iconic rollout, to the track list, and the choreography, what we now know as “Bey-Chella” was one for the books. The “Drunk In Love” singer was the first Black female to headline the festival. With that performance, she paid a significant ode to Black culture that is still talked about today. Additionally, what made this Coachella performance even more legendary was the work and grit that went into it. After birthing twins, the music icon followed a strict diet to get in physical and mental shape for the big performance. In her Netflix documentary “Homecoming,” the mother of three said she met her physical goal by limiting herself to no bread, no carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no meat, no fish, and no alcohol. Talk about razor-sharp dedication!

Grammy Glory

Beyoncé’s versatility knows no bounds, and she showed us just that when she gave us a deeply soulful rendition of “Take My Hand Precious Lord.” This 2015 Grammy Award show peeled back a layer to Bey’s versatility. She showcased her ability to seamlessly adapt to other styles. This melodic performance was deeply emotional and sonically exquisite on many levels. Additionally, the simplicity of the set was the cherry on top.

Super Bowl Half-Time Show

The 2013 Super Bowl was unforgettable, to say the list. Per usual, the “Love On Top” singer lit the stage up. But, there was something outstanding, and truly rare about the way she took over the stage. The icon unraveled a set that included a medley of some of her most renowned hits that have defined her historic career. Everything from the lights, the choreography, the hair flips, and the walk in the beginning made this one of Super Bowl’s most iconic performances! Bey did that! Overrated, where?

The 2016 BET Awards

The “Lemonade” era was an unforgettable time. Bey’s performance of her song “Freedom” at the BET Award show performance in 2016 was one to remember. Everything from the braids to the power that permeated that stage, and the message behind the song itself, left an impression. The song was the opening number that night, and the guest appearance from Kendrick Lamar, who rapped on the song, was everything we sonically needed that year.

“Run the World” Performance At the Billboard Music Awards

At the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, Beyoncé showed us why she is one still one of the most prominent entertainers of all time. Her rendition of “Run the World,” featured choreography that was so engaging to watch, from beginning to end. At the start of the performance, Bey began to hand out diplomas to her background dancers, while saying; “Men have been given the chance to rule the world. But ladies, our revolution has begun.” She then launched one of the most iconic displays of choreographic greatness that we have ever seen, complete with optical illusions that left us all in a chokehold.