The glaring healthcare disparity has been broadly discussed in the medical field for many years. In spite of this dire healthcare situation, there are superheroes on the scene who are changing the landscape. According to Mayo Clinic, a doula is a professional who provides physical and emotional support to a person going through childbirth. Black doulas are increasingly becoming experts in the Black birthing experience, and providing peace of mind to many Black mothers. Here is why Black doulas are the future of healthcare.

They Know The Struggle

Many Black doulas have a personal connection the Black birthing experience because some of them have experienced it too. For many Black doulas, that extra layer of empathy helps them connect with their clients on an intimate level, and secure their trust. For many Black like me women who have had pregnancies without doulas in the past, it was easy to feel dismissed and invisible. Having someone in your corner who sees you, and is listening to you intentionally is a breath of fresh air, and that is exactly what Black women are bringing to the birthing scene.

Pregnant woman
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They Are Advocates

Racism in healthcare has been around for years, and structural racism has made it a prominent problem. With that reality, Black pregnant people are now looking into other ways of safely delivering their baby. According to a report by ABC News, there is an uptick in Black women using doula services, and research has shown that people who give birth with a doula present feel like they are advocated for, and have had a healthier birthing experience and have overall positive birthing outcomes as a result of it.

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They Empower

Although doulas provide non-clinical physical and emotional support, they are always an amazing resource. Black doulas are shifting the birthing experience also empowering the members in the communities they serve, to become self-sufficient. A good doula also encourages pregnant women to be assertive about their needs.

They Reduce The Risks

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the childbirth mortality rates among Black women are significantly higher than other races. CDC reports that Black women are significantly more likely to die during childbirth in spite of their socioeconomic or education status. With a Black doula present,  the risks of death are significantly reduced and research backs this. Black doulas are really changing the world one woman at a time, and their work is important and extremely relevant to Black reproduction.