2021 has been year of wins for many of us. As the world still recovers from the lasting effects of the pandemic, it can be a bit bittersweet to celebrate our personal highs while many people are still trying to climb out of incredible lows. The truth of the matter is, if you’ve been able to accomplish any of your goals while the world is in a constant state of insanity, cheers to you, sis! It may be time to give yourself a pat on the back and an extra glass of champagne for making it more than halfway through this year. But if 2020 taught us nothing, it definitely taught us a valuable lesson about always saving for a rainy day (or 365 of them thangs!). 

So, here are some ways that you can show love to yourself without breaking the bank!

Take a road trip. 

Traveling internationally still presents some issues where COVID is concerned and it can be expensive for many so why not gas up your car, choose a good playlist and take a drive to a neighboring state to see the sights? 

Indulge in a spa day. 

A spa day can be an affordable and easy way to show yourself some extra love. You can tailor services to fit your budget and needs plus, if all else fails, you can give yourself a pamper day in-house. 

Have your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant. 

Sometimes just a quick moment of appreciation for how far you’ve come can be all you need. Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant and order you favorite meal. Sit there and indulge in your success. 

Buy your favorite bottle of champagne. 

Or whatever your celebratory drink is. Deciding to have a little sip to celebrate yourself is always in fashion. Splurging a little on a great bottle of something bubbly will make you feel like a big baller no matter what the budget is. 

Gift yourself something small with meaning. 

Maybe you can’t buy yourself something big to mark a milestone but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy yourself something meaningful. Spring for a special book, add a charm to a bracelet or get a journal engraved with your favorite quote. For example, small gifts can be a cute nod of “you did that!”

Call up some friends and hit your favorite dance spot. 

Now proceed with caution on this one to make sure you don’t get too happy at the bar but a dance party with your girls is always a great way to say “job well done.” Chances are, you’re not the only one in your crew who’s making major moves so it can be a great opportunity for you all to toast to making it happen! 

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