She’s calling the shots now.

Whether it be her impeccable dance skills, her effortless attention to detail, or her looming essence as one of R&B’s most noteworthy artists, Ciara has proven time and time again that she is ‘that girl.’

Among her many talents, we can now add skincare arbiter to the list. From vitamin C cleansers to vitamin C brightening pads, Ciara wants you to look and feel your absolute best, no matter what age, skin type, or complexion you may have. I mean, who wouldn’t want to wake up feeling like Ciara?

From having a full-blown luxury skincare experience in the comfort of your own home to treating yourself to a much-needed spa day, her skincare line, ‘On A Mission,’ is on a personal quest to help all women feel included. Most importantly, her luxury line is helping women embrace the process of aging beautifully. “It’s all about confidence building, she says to 21N. “I think the more we take care of ourselves, the better we feel about ourselves.”

Ciara’s high-end line pays tribute to women all over who are often taught to fear the process of natural aging. It’s safe to say that we’ve all in fact been there. We all want to look and feel like our best selves even after we reach a certain age, but what’s to say that we can’t experience the process of aging with healthy mindsets and a little bit of vitamin C-induced skincare?

“We wear the scars of our aging and that’s why I wanted to create this company. I just want to really work on embracing each moment as it comes because we can’t get those moments back. Embracing the process of aging is such a beautiful thing, so why not focus on the current moments at hand that we do currently have?” she says passionately to 21N.

Wearing Her Scars Is Something Many Women, Especially Women of Color Face On A Daily Basis Through Hyperpigmentation and Dark Spots 


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Our scars are a part of what makes us who we are. And though they don’t define us as people, they show our own individual journey’s to the world around us. Through a skincare lens, hyperpigmentation is one of the many common skincare disparities that Black women and women of color deal with daily.



Using OAM as an example of vitamin c induced skincare to help cure hyperpigmentation and dark spots, Ciara’s skincare line was made to help women tackle their scars gently yet effectively both inside and out.

“When I used to think about skincare I used not to take it as seriously as I should’ve. Being In entertainment, I was wearing makeup all of the time. It was always about covering our imperfections up rather than actually treating them,” she says to 21N. “I always thought about how we were taught to treat our skin in the process of wearing makeup and that was what made me truly committed to this cause and my brand.”

Her Brand ‘OAM’ is More Than Just A Mission, It’s A Healthy Mindset


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And though OAM is on a powerful mission to help women feel more empowered within their daily lives through natural beauty, for her, it’s also a matter of having a healthy mindset. She talked to us about the process of not only embracing our natural beauty and aging but how natural beauty is also radiated through our mentality and thought processes.




“I really try to work on my mentality when it comes to the process of aging. I always try to embrace each moment as it comes, even the ugly moments.”

“No one ever told us when we were young that dreaming big would require us having to experience the ugly parts of that dream, you know? Like sometimes life gets ugly and sometimes things get uncomfortable, but I hope this line inspires everyone to treat their skincare as a form of self-care.”


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OAM Skin is now available for purchase on On A Mission’s website.