Janet Jackson and Randy Jackson are partnering with Lifetime and A&E to release another documentary. Following the success of her first documentary, “Janet Jackson,” the Jackson siblings will be releasing a second project called “Janet Jackson: Family First.”

Janet Jackson: Family First

Last year, the release of “Janet Jackson became an incredible success, ranking as cable TV’s number one documentary in 2022. Fans enjoyed the release so much that they amped up viewership 20 million times over in one day. Due to the first documentary’s massive success, Lifetime and A&E will continue Janet’s riveting story.

While discussing the project, Janet expressed gratitude for fans’ support, who made the first documentary successful.

“I was touched by the love and support from the wonderful fans who enjoyed the documentary last year. I am excited to continue to share my story and welcome fans into my life and the ‘Together Again’ tour. Thank you for your never-ending support, and I hope you enjoy the next chapter,” said Janet.

The documentary will follow the 2023“Together Again” tour, which will celebrate Janet Jackson’s 50th anniversary in entertainment and spotlight the milestones for two of Jackson’s most critically acclaimed albums – 25 years of “The Velvet Rope”, and 30 years of “janet.” 

Randy Jackson, who is executive producing the documentary, said he was also excited about the rollout of the new project.

“In this next chapter in the documentary, Janet and I are thrilled to welcome viewers on the road with us as we embark on the ‘Together Again’ tour, celebrating the milestone of 50 years of Janet’s career with fans across the country,” said Randy. “We look forward to the continued partnership with Lifetime and A&E and to sharing our family with viewers.”

Janet, The Icon

Over the years, Janet Jackson has solidified her career as one of the most influential entertainers of the modern era. Her music has transcended time and made her a classic household name globally. As a multi-awarded entertainer, Janet continues to push the envelope and show why she is one of the most recognized entertainers of all time. With a career that spans five decades, there is little wonder why she is an icon on many levels. The magic and essence of Janet are so strong that they jointly helped her to solidify her reputation in the entertainment space and inspire a generation of artists. Her confidence, unabashed sexuality, and willingness to take risks all collectively contributed to her legendary status.

Over the course of her career, Janet has sold over 100 million records and is one of the top-selling entertainers of all time. Beyond music, Janet has appeared in several movies, further solidifying her reputation as a pop culture icon. Movies like “Poetic Justice” cemented her fate as a cultural treasure.