There are few things better than having a good kiki with your best girlfriends. When cell phones introduced the ability to have more than one person in a text conversation at one time, groups of friends everywhere rejoiced. Not only is it a great opportunity to share life updates but it’s a way to stay connected even from far away. Whether you’re a notifications turned off or on person, engaging with your closest friends is a great way to remember that we belong to a larger collective. But we all know those times where the group chat can seem a little stagnant. Perhaps no one has really been saying much or there was a heated conversation that made the vibes be a bit off. Whatever the case, it may be time to get the collective energy back on the up and up. If you’re looking to get the good times rolling in your group chat, try these topics on for size. 

Share memories of when you all met. 

A trip down memory lane is sure to have everyone chiming in and sharing things that will lead to happy feelings everywhere. Bonus points if there is any photographic evidence of the events that led you to this place of friendship. 

Share secret Pinterest boards. 

We all have those Pinterest boards that hold our secret desires or haircuts we’d try if we weren’t afraid of what anyone would think—maybe even that wedding day board that you’re kinda embarrassed of having as a single woman. Sharing something personal that is easy to look at is always fun in a group setting. 

Have a meme war. 

Memes have become such a great way to punctuate stories and emotions in our digital spaces. Challenging your friends to put up your favorite saved memes and then voting on who has the best can be a silly little game that puts a smile on everyone’s faces. 

Rate your past lovers. 

Most of us have had our share of lovers over the years and if we’ve made emotional peace with our time with them, we can now look back over them either fondly or with humor. If you all have created a safe space to share and know one another’s boundaries, rating your past boos and having a laugh at their expense can be a fun group chat moment. 

Share your current favorite albums and explain why. 

Music brings everyone together always. If you’ve been listening to an album or an artist a lot lately, it may be worth mentioning it to your best girls. Often times, the music that is really speaking to us is doing so because of where we are in life at that moment. It can be a great segue into any life happenings or feelings that are lying beneath the surface. 

Celebrate your wins with a virtual cheers session. 

When you and your friends aren’t in the same location or just haven’t really had the time to get together, celebrating your wins—big and small—can be one of the things you most forget to do. Carving out time to list the personal victories you all have been having while giving each other your flowers can lift everyone’s spirits. 

Have a love fest. 

If you fashion yourself the leader of the chat or not, you can spearhead a bit of a love fest but @ing individual members of the chat and telling them exactly why you love them. We don’t often get to love on our friends as much as we should and this could be a great way to get some endorphins pumping and bring people back to the chat for a little while.