Life was normal almost two years ago, before the pandemic came in and interrupted our lives. A lot of us have been dealing with excess worry, mental health ups and downs, and even the spirit of confusion when it comes to our faith in the things we can't see. If God showed you the finish line during the storm, you'll be focused on the finish line instead of the assignment. The assignment will get you to the finish line, but the race will only increase you to another level. The journey doesn't stop, it just keeps getting better overtime.

In the Next 30-90 days, You'll Be Celebrating A Milestone You've Been Praying For.- Tianna Jenkins

Consider your prayers answered and have faith that your situation will come to pass. A lot of times we don't trust in the things we are praying for. You can't allow fear to over power your mindset. You must rise up and know that you are called to greater opportunities. I want you to start believing that your prayers are already answered and will never come back void. God is making you wait, because he has so much planned for you. Your assignment is not your problems or your situations.

You can't allow fear to over power your mindset.- Tianna Jenkins

I want you to visualize yourself enjoying your manifestations. Everything you've been manifesting, will come to pass. You must assume that you're already where you want to be and then live by faith in this assumption. When God approves your prayers, nobody can deny it.

The power of the tongue is so real and you have the authority to speak greatness over your life. Keep speaking to your dreams, keep speaking to your situation, keep speaking to your business, keep speaking to your success, keep speaking to your healing, keep speaking to your new season, keep speaking to your breakthrough, and most importantly, keep speaking to your future. 

I can't wait for you to celebrate your milestone. 

We all will be celebrating collectively! Sis, this is your season for greatness and unlimited favor. Step into your power and never look back. Make Sure you are taking sometime to focus on your mental health. Attach yourself to things that can transform you during the time of transition into your winning season. Pamper yourself in the process, explore nature, and journal your happy thoughts. Focus on everything that can feed your mindset positive outcomes. The goal is to transfer your mind and activate your faith to be stronger.

Think about how you're going to celebrate your milestone. Are you going to take a vacation in another state? Are you going to take a road trip? Are you going to celebrate at home with a few friends? Ask yourself these questions and get your celebration plan together. Speak your plans into existence. I am rooting for you sis, root for me as well.

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