Are you a small business looking to stand out on Instagram? Their new tag may be able to help you!

NBC News is reporting that Instagram has now added "Black-owned" as a label option for business profiles. The outlet also reported this will not only help businesses identify as Black-owned, but will allow consumers interested in patronizing Black-owned businesses to easily find them. 

Part of this move by the social media giant stems from what they're calling the "summer of racial reckoning." In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the fallout from the murder of George Floyd, more and more Black-owned businesses began to crop up out of both necessity and protest. 

"1.3 million Instagram posts included “Black-owned” or “Black-led” during the height of the racial reckoning in summer 2020 and through the fall. And the number of U.S.-based businesses that listed these labels in their profiles increased by 50 percent during that same period," said the outlet. 

And of course, with the nature of algorithms being what they are, the more you "like" and interact with Black-owned businesses on Instagram, the more they will appear in your timeline. 

There are many companies and small Black-owned businesses who say they are experiencing a sales spike thanks to all of the social efforts (and social media efforts!). Stormi Steele of Canvas Beauty Brand told NBC News she made close to a half-million dollars in profits since 2020, and she feels that the Black-owned business tag can now only add to her growing profits. 

"It helps us to not have to continuously reiterate we're Black-owned, because that's the difference between the conversion or not, most of the time, especially to the customer who wants to know that answer," she said.

Business accounts can select to display the “Black-owned business” label in their bios, and may be included on the Shops page.

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