As much as we love our naturally curly hair, we can admit it that sometimes it's a challenge to maintain our crowns. It doesn’t help scrolling down your social media feed and seeing girls with hair like yours thriving and posts pictures as if they never have to throw in the towel on their hair (even though we know feeds are highlight reels). 

Like most things, you have to find what works for you and your hair. Our hair can have its own personality, at times — it is quick to show us what it likes and dislikes, but always remember to never ignore the signs. 

No two curly-girls are alike, but here are some foundational rules, courtesy of Byrdie, for mastering your natural curls: 

Water Is Your Friend

Your hair needs water internally and externally. Keeping your hair moisturized is a major step in a happy hair relationship. If your hair is dehydrated, it will show — and your hair will not cooperate. Also, styling your hair while it’s wet is a safe way to set your hair. 

Try “Product Cocktailing” 

Video courtesy of Lexis Hair.

According to pro-hair stylist, Andrita Renee, product cocktailing is "simply mixing two or more products together to meet your specific styling needs."  Sounds a little funny, but product cocktailing helps you maintain your hair and combines what makes it thrive. Renee went to share with Good Housekeeping that her favorite hair cocktails include “smoothing serum plus mousse, and coconut oil plus styling gel.” 

Founder and owner of Arrojo NYC, Nick Arrojo, told Byrdie that picking the products to mix-in with your hair all depends on your hair’s density. 

“If your hair is fine, use a body-building volume foam first and then a lightweight curl enhancer. If your hair is medium to thick or slightly coarse, cocktail curl definer with curl control,” Arrojo explained to Byrdie

Detangling Helps

An oldie but goodie: detangling your hair is vital for healthy hair because it prevents your hair from forming knots, matting up, etc. It also 10 times easier to style your hair when done right. You can either detangle your hair with a comb or brush, or simply use your fingers. 

When it comes to detangling, CurlyNikki recommends to “wet and condition your hair; detangle in sections; use proper comb or brush; start from the ends; finger detangle first; detangle before and after shampoo; detangle for product and styling distribution; and be gentle.” 

Use A Diffuser

Video courtesy of BiancaRenee Today.

According to DevaCurl, a hair diffuser helps to spread out the heat coming from the blow dryer, that way the excessive heat doesn't concentrate on one spot of your hair. In other words, it keeps unwanted heat from damaging your curls when using a blow dryer. Diffusers can also be used to scrunch + define curls, and create as much volume as you desire. 

Upgrade Your Pillowcase 

Cotton pillowcases can literally suck the moisture out of your hair. Cosmetic chemist, Ni'Kita Wilson, spoke with Allure and revealed if "you move as you sleep, the fibers of a cotton pillowcase can tug on your hair; that can lead to unwanted breakage." To avoid that, you can either sleep with a silk bonnet/scarf or switch to a satin or silk pillowcase. Your hair will thank you!

Let It Be

The less you have to manipulate your hair, the happier and healthier it will be. Try to aim for low manipulation styles that don’t require you to comb through or fuss with your hair as often. Not only will this save you time but you will lessen the risk of causing frizziness, breakage or unwanted knots. 

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