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If you are a fashionista, the holiday season is a time to show off some of your most stylish outfits. If you still haven’t decided on an outfit for the festive season, here are some Amazon-inspired ideas to consider.

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This feathered turtleneck party dress is both stunning and unique. There is something very distinct and fashion forward about a dress with feathers in it. It is bold, flamboyant and definitely a fashion statement that is befitting of the holidays.

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Nothing screams “festive glamor” more than a stunning sequin dress. Sequin dresses are invaluable fashion statements that have the amazing ability to illuminate your holiday wardrobe, and make you an unforgettable host or guest this season.

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If you would rather opt for satin, then this one shoulder satin dress could be the perfect option. Pair this piece with some eye-catching accessories and stunning makeup for the ultimate “Oomph.”

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This mini dress is a perfect way to ring in the holiday cheer. The detailed cut, and the alluring neckline is the perfect combination of sophistication and elegance. Pair this number with a striking pair of heels for the ultimate holiday glow up.