Lena Waithe looks poised to continue her industry takeover as she’s announced the creation of her own record label, Hillman Grad Records, under the legendary Def Jam umbrella. Waithe calls the move a longtime dream and has plans to make it a home to underrepresented and ultra-creative talent—before going after some real big fish.

“I don’t want to do the typical thing,” she said in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. “We are not going to come out with 10 albums a year. It’s about finding really interesting artists who have a real drive and sense of wanting to figure out who they are over time. We really want artists that can grow. Yes, it includes albums and singles, but to me, it’s about personality and moments.” 

No stranger to pulling from the well of Black talent to create nostalgia, The Chi and Master of None star is planning to bring back the good ole days when music was about a full body of work. “I think there is this desire to have artists do the same thing again and again,” she said. “I really miss watching an artist and their albums shift and change with each one. But I want to bring back some of that old vibe and nostalgia and rollout of actual singles.”

Waithe also knows how important it is to create a safe space for artists and plans to make the mental health of the talent signed to Hillman Grad of “the utmost importance”. Can’t wait to see who ends up signed to the label!

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