As if being a mother of three, wife and businesswoman wasn’t enough – Savannah James is also a self proclaimed “Kitchen Beautician.” The 35 year old mother recently took to Instagram to share her daughter Zhuri’s wash and trim routine with her 1.7 million followers and has since gone viral.

The Instagram reel was perfectly edited with Wale’s “BGM” (Black Girl Magic) playing in the background and James began by showing off her products of choice, as well as Zhuri’s current length check. She then proceeds by straightening her daughter’s long locks, and sections off Zhuri’s hair to begin trimming.

Although James claims that she is “not a professional,” her technique combined with the salon chair and full hair dryer in the background leaves us to say otherwise – this woman undeniably has skills!

In the Instagram caption, James also revealed that the process she demonstrated has gotten both her and her daughter’s locks “to these lengths through the last seven years.” And that she will also be sharing more details on their hair routine very soon.

Until then, we’ll be anxiously waiting – and if the mother of three decides to open her chair to the public, it’s safe to say that we’ll be one of the first to book a seat!