Everyone has something that they know more about than others. Some of those are random things or hobbies that speak to who they are and others are skills that a person has spent a significant amount of time mastering. Whatever the case, as the conversation about work culture continues, many people are trying to find ways to bring in more money while spending less time chained to desks inside of offices. Though true entrepreneurship may not be the best option for everyone, having additional income that you can control can be a great way to make sure you never become fully dependent on the ever-changing job market. 

Here are six ways to turn your knowledge into profit. 

Become a consultant. 

If you know a lot about any industry, you can become a consultant for individuals and businesses alike. You can create a business model with rates that allow you to take care of all of your smaller bills, leaving your main source of income to take care of your big ticket items. Offer sessions to clients in packages of three or more to ensure that they have time to see your knowledge work for them. You can also create a retainer rate to ensure you’ll have money coming in regularly. 

Create e-books. 

E-books are a quick and easy way to bring in passive income by simply selling what you know. Even if the thing you’re writing about is something you do for fun; the fact that you’ve spent time acquiring knowledge around it means you can cut time in half for someone else. And you should be paid for that. 

Make videos for Patreon. 

Patreon is a membership platform on which people can pay you to see content you post about anything. You can set membership prices and decide how often you want to create content for consumption. It can be a great way to have control over your workload while not having to work hard to find an audience for it. Most people are only going to sign up for something they’re truly interested in so your marketing time will be cut in half. 

Do seminars. 

With most things still being virtual, creating an online seminar where you can speak, in real-time, about a topic can be a great way to bring in extra cash. Most live video platforms have a tip feature in which people can pay you for your knowledge right at that moment. As the seminar, itself, can be accessed for free, people usually have no problem sending tips for your time. If you find this model successful, you can make it a regular part of how you connect to your audience.

Make a website. 

Regardless to what social media craze may come along, websites are still a tried and true model for making money from what you know. You can do this in the form of a blog—where you simply share posts on a topic—or you can even create a store with merchandise. Chances are, if you can get a person to come to a website once, you can get them to come again. You simply keep providing consistent content for them to consume and they’ll trust that you are always a source that they can come to. 

Make a Tik-Tok. 

Tik-Tok has become a great resource for those wanting to pivot their knowledge on a topic into secondary income. Everyone from professors to dentists have made a home on the app thanks to its precise targeting of demographics and razor sharp algorithm. The videos are easy to make and even ones that are a bit more difficult to nail down have Youtube tutorials to teach you all the tricks. You can easily save them and share them to Reels on Instagram, which has also become a great way to market small businesses. 

It’s okay if your hobby is just for pleasure but if you’ve been wanting to step outside the box and try something new, starting with something you’d simply do for fun can be a great first step. 

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