The Curry’s may have a master chef on their hands.

Early last week, Ayesha Curry took to her Instagram stories to share some clips of her daughter Riley throwing down in the kitchen.

The nine-year-old was seen frying both chicken and fish, paired with a side of mashed potatoes and carrots.

“I’m making chicken piccata with mashed potatoes and honey roasted carrots,” Riley triumphantly declared as her mother captured video of her working her way around the kitchen. 

Riley floured and fried the chicken by herself, while Ayesha was heard in the background cheering her daughter on. 

“It’s looking real good girl!” Ayesha exclaimed. And continued to praise her daughter, letting her know that she was so proud of her. 

“I learned from the best,” responded Riley. 

Once she finished frying her chicken and fish, she completed her table spread, and even poured up glasses of sparkling grape juice for each of her family members.


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Riley’s future as a potential master chef is certainly a plausible one. Her mother, Ayesha, has made a career as a cookbook author and cooking television personality. And even is one of the founders behind the International Smoke restaurant, located in San Francisco and Las Vegas. 

“[The] biggest message that I have is get in the kitchen, cook with your friends – no matter what your family looks like, who they are, your friends, whoever,” she said in an interview with Parade. “It’s the perfect setting to build a great family foundation and relationship.”

And we certainly see how true that is! Go Riley!