It is well known that Black women carry the world on our shoulders. We dominate across industries and our ideas, creativity and innovation push society forward. Now, more than ever, Black women have turned our attention to taking care of ourselves. As a collective, we have learned that our best chance of continuing to show up for those we love and all of the things that depend on us to function, we must be intentional about protecting our minds, bodies and souls. And, somehow, we have managed to do this while still making waves in industries that once shut us out. Such is the truth for the New York Stock Exchange’s youngest stock trader, and only the second one of African American descent, Lauren Simmons. 

When Simmons made history four years ago at the age of 23, she not only put the financial world on notice, she also opened the door for other women and millennials who aspire to climb the ladder that leads to Wall Street; however, even in her prestigious position she was only making $12,000 per year.  

“While I’m forever grateful for that opportunity and stepping stone, I appreciate it more so for the life experiences that it has lent me because truth be told, all that glitters isn’t always gold,” Simmons shared with Business Insider. Since leaving her post as a stock trader, she is continuing to break the mold as an entrepreneur, producer, writer and soon to be Spotify podcast host. Her new show Mind Body Wealth with Lauren Simmons is “an intimate conversation with guests across various industries unraveling their evolved relationship with money, and how they got their mind and body to make money moves for them” according to a statement. Lauren will discuss all of the topics that millennials discuss amongst themselves from debt to credit scores to shopping and dating—no stone is left unturned across the 24 episodes that make up the first season.

We can’t wait to soak up all the knowledge we are sure Lauren Simmons has to give and happy to see her still using her voice to break through glass ceilings. 

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