As hard as it is to believe, there wasn't always a time for women athletes to have their own shoe line. No better example of that can be found than in the WNBA, whose athletes were hard-pressed to get shoe lines until 1995, when Sheryl Swoopes made history by getting her own shoe deal with Nike. But, perhaps most disappointingly, Sheryl Swoopes' shoe came two years after she took her team — the Texas Tech Lady Raiders — to a national championship, and broke an NCAA tournament title record of 47 points that still stands to this day.

In honor of the women of the WNBA, we present this list of shoes made in their honor, and how they still are relevant to this day.

The Nike Swoopes

The Nike Air Swoopes, named in honor of Sheryl Swoopes, were the first WNBA sneaker. First made available in 1995, they can still be found today.

The Reebok Lobo

Although her sneaker is no longer available today, the Reebok Lobo was named in honor of Rebecca Lobo, and was the first WNBA sneaker made by Reebok.

The Lisa Leslie Nike Total Air 9

Considered one of the best women's sneakers of all time, the Lisa Leslie-inspired Nike Total Air 9's were beautiful, functional, and affordable.

The Dawn Staley Nike Zoom S5 and S5II

Dawn Staley's shoe game is still impeccable to this day — and Nike agreed with this assessment so much that they gave her not one, but two, signature kicks, becoming the first WNBA star to achieve such a distinction.

The Cynthia Cooper Nike Air C14

The Nike Air C14 was originally designed in honor of retired WNBA star Cynthia Cooper. But they're still popular to this day. 

The Fila Nikki Delta

Two-time Olympic gold medalist and retired WNBA star Nikki McCray was the first star to get a sneaker from Fila named in her honor.

The Nike SHOX BB4 MIQUE and SOX MIQUE by Chamique Holdsclaw

When Chamique Holdsclaw got not one, but two, signature shoes, much ado was made of it — and for good reason. So much so, in fact, that today's abject misogyny of WNBA stars wearing men's shoes can't be ignored.

The Nike Air Taurasi and SHOX DT

Speaking of which...

Let's talk about the Nike Air Taurasi, which is such an amazing shoe. 

Guess whose name goes in front now? You guessed it: Lebron James. 

Nothing against Lebron, but come on now.

The Adidas Ace Commander and Ace Versatility by Candace Parker

And speaking of which...yes, the Ace Commanders are still available today, but is WNBA star Candace Parker's name anywhere on them? No, they're not.

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