If you’re trying to get better at accepting compliments, you’re not alone. The reality is accepting compliments takes time and practice. There is an art to not deflecting or outright dismissing a compliment directed at you.

When is comes to not accepting compliments, there are many reasons it could be a hard task. Some reasons could be low self-esteem, not liking attention, not being used to receiving positive feedback or being too humble. Despite the reason, it can be difficult to receive kind words.

It is time to stand firmly in the compliments you receive and embrace them. Here’s some tips on learning how to truly get better at accepting compliments.

Adjusting to the Habit of Accepting Compliments

When it comes to accepting compliments, it is important that deep down you believe that you are worthy of them. You also have to recognize the sensitivities and address the barriers that prevent you from being able to take a compliment. It’s no secret that self-worth and inner confidence go hand in hand. The act of accepting compliments is a lot easier when you genuinely share the same sentiment of pride about yourself.

“If you don’t believe in yourself and your ability to do something when someone compliments or praises you, then it’s impossible for you to accept the compliment or praise because you don’t believe it to be true,” said Tess Brigham, who is a psychotherapist and life coach.

Brigham’s sentiments describes what it means to be fully present in who you are. Fully embracing who you are means that you don’t have to dull your own shine down or have a fear of outshining others. It allows you to fully embrace compliments and shine brightly.

Accepting compliments does not make you seem conceited or big-headed. It is absolutely OK to be aware of your greatness and to welcome commentary on it. Black women tend not to always accept their flowers. They also are not able to be unapologetically proud of their accomplishments in the workplace.

It is essential to lean into compliments rather than cringe. Here’s some ways to accept compliments that will teach you to embrace them and believe you deserve it.

Some examples of accepting compliments like a pro

Show Gratitude

A simple “thank you” is truly all you need to say, even if you feel weird about it. By expressing your thanks and you’ll slowly start to shift your behavioral habits. It’s similar to saying affirmations that you initially feel very distant from. Consider this as the default when you’re tempted to speak down on the compliment.


Another thing that you can try is accepting a compliment with a self-affirming response. Affirming yourself without coming across as completely self-centered is an easy distinction to make. Be genuine, warm and sincere, and you’ll likely strike the balance correctly.

An example of this could be replying, “Thanks so much! I really tried hard with it. I’m glad you’ve noticed it!”

Don’t Interrupt

Try to avoid interrupting the other person as they compliment you. Allow yourself to receive the compliment fully and take it all in.

Own It

A great way to accept a compliment seamlessly is by knowing your value and owning it. Try accepting a compliment in this way by leaning into your greatness. For example, if someone praises a new makeup look you’ve tried, you could confidently comeback with “Thanks! I also really love the way it came out today.”

Swap Belittling Language Out of Your Vocabulary

Avoid dismissive comments when receiving a compliment by simply shifting your linguistics.

Imagine you’ve served a meal and someone is complimenting you on how delicious it tastes. Rather than responding with “It’s just something I put together quickly,” you could say “How kind, I put this together quickly, but I’m pleased that you’ve enjoyed it.”

Implement Positive Self-talk

Implementing positive self-talk will allow you to get used to accepting compliments because you’re already in the practice of speaking kindly to yourself. Being in a space of self-acceptance may increase your capacity to receive compliments.