Summer Walker is no stranger to making music that we all can relate to. Her hypnotic tone spills onto any beat caressing the 808s as if it was made for her voice. The lyrics are melodic invoking emotions that you thought were in check. Summer Walker is your emotional intelligence litmus test. She takes you through the valley of pain and the mountain top of joy while allowing you to enjoy the plains of confusion. It’s familiar discomfort that we crave. The hurt, the deception. The redemption and progression. We all live for this rollercoaster of emotions. It is no wonder why the songstress has caused social media to be in an uproar as fans and critics alike wait for the release of her latest project.

The announcement of the Summer Walker album led Twitter users into a frenzy. One user posted a meme in which an unemotional individual stares blankly at the doorway. Above him, reads “This album is about to go up.” A user by the name of @queenyennifer stated, “I feel like Summer Walker’s new album finna undo all the healing I’ve done…” Another user alluded to anticipating the album about to be fire because of the drama. Users on Instagram announced they would judge the album by the intro. If the intro was worthy then the album would be fire.

Summer Walker’s personal life has spilled onto the virtual streets of social media. The exchanges between her and her child’s father, super producer London on the Track, are often blog-worthy, but they aren’t beneficial to any co-parenting relationship the two may share. While the effects are potentially toxic and damaging to any process of healing, the pain and anger make for a great project. It creates the familiar seams that we love to run our fingers across. Social Media proved that they love a good drama-inspired album. They’re hoping to hang onto every word, gather the tea while relating to the pain of the drama. 

Summer Walker burst onto the scene with the release of her commercial mixtape Last Day of Summer in October of 2018. With the hit song, Girls Need Love, she broke into Billboard's Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100. A year later, Summer Walker released her debut album, Over It, and received critical acclaim. 

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