You may want to grab a pen and paper for this one because Joan Smalls, Puerto Rican supermodel and actress, shared her skincare secrets with Byrdie to give us all the tools to enhance our product usage and our glow. 

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Before we share what we learned about her skincare secrets, Smalls is also looking out for the cost-conscious lady when it comes to swimwear and intimates. Rightfully so (and named), Smalls partnered with Smart & Sexy to create a collection designed for women of all shapes and sizes. 

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The line features sizes from 32B to 40DDD and prices that won’t break the bank ranging from $4 to $28. Items from the collection can be purchased online at Smart & Sexy’s website, Walmart’s website, or in-store at select Walmart locations. And now that we have some now lingerie to pick up, let’s get into these six skincare tips offered by Smalls herself:


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"I always wash my face with a cleanser that has salicylic acid for breakouts." Here are some oily-girl friendly cleansers we are fond of. 


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"I do face masks every time before a shoot and every two weeks. I love this particular foil mask from Estée Lauder." 


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"I do a mix of castor oil, coconut oil, lavender oil, and put it on a brush and apply it to my eyelashes and my hair edges for extra moisture. Since I'm constantly putting so much makeup on my face, I try to do this every day."


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"My holy-grail beauty product is mascara. Putting on tons of mascara curls your lashes and it always brightens your eyes and makes you look awake. I love this one from Estée Lauder because it's waterproof."


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"I always use this Estée Lauder highlighter pen. It goes on wet but looks really glowy.”


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"One time during fashion week, they bleached my brows. It looked cool on the runway because of the lighting. I had to go to a red carpet shortly after. I saw the photo afterward, and it literally looked like I had no facial expressions — it was crazy!"

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