Hey sis, how you feeling? Retrograde has finally loosened her grip on all of our necks and it is time to enjoy the beauty of fall. During this last planet shift, you may have felt overwhelmed with emotion, old connections and feelings may have come up from the grave, abrupt changes in your financial, professional and personal life may have taken place and an overall feeling of “blah” may have ruled your days. It’s ok, we felt it too. Now, it’s time to reset your energy, your intimate spaces as well as a take a true inventory of your relationships. 

Here are 6 things you can do to recover from mercury retrograde and get things back on track. 

Declutter your space. 

Chances are, if mercury retrograde did a number on your emotions, your home probably took a hit as well. You don’t have to wait until spring to do an overhaul on things you no longer need/keepsakes from the ghosts of relationships past/clothes that no longer bring you joy. This also may be a good time to tackle that hair and skincare drawer by throwing away expired products and organizing the things that work the best. And, while you’re at it, hit that underwear and sock drawer, sis. Those missing socks aren’t coming back and a new pair of panties can make you feel like the baddest. 

Dust off your resume. 

If your professional life took a hit while mercury was getting her lace fixed, this may be a perfect opportunity to take a look at your resume, LinkedIn and connections in order to prepare for a career move. Often times, retrograde can show us where in our life we may be stuck or need to improve. Perhaps, miss thang was here to remind you that you’ve outgrown a job and should start looking for new roads to travel. 

Have a few hard conversations and decide whether or not to sever ties. 

When emotions run high, relationships can take a hit. If you found yourself pressed against some sharp edges in intimate encounters, now is a good time to take a look at the foundation of those relationships and see if they’re worth saving. You may have hit a nerve in areas that were already tender that need some attention. Call up that friend, invite them over for a drink and get to the bottom of your issues or talk to your lover about the ways your relationship has not been succeeding and reverse course, if possible.

Get some rest. 

Sleep can be affected when things are in a general state of chaos both internally and externally. Take advantage of the more peaceful energy in the air and get some extra hours of sleep. This is a good time to incorporate any number of habits that can bring more ease into our lives i.e. meditation, aromatherapy and stretching before bed. 

Move your body. 

The weather is cooling down and so are our social schedules, combine that with retrograde and many of us are much less active than usual. Not only does that greatly reduce our serotonin and dopamine levels, it can make our bodies feel sluggish. Get ahead of that feeling and move your body for at least 15 minutes. A quick walk for coffee or a decision to take the stairs instead of the elevator can give you an instant boost that can have great effects. 

Take a social media break. 

When our happy levels are low, social media becomes a faux escape from all the things that seem to be bringing us down when, in reality, it can have an adverse effect on our confidence, mood and energy. Now that retrograde is over, consider putting some real boundaries in place for how much of an exchange you make with social media on a daily basis. 

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