Toxic men are people who exhibit signs of an exaggerated ego, subtle or blatant disregard for women and emotional unavailability. Most women want to be in a relationship that nurtures the soul, and is emotionally, physically and spiritually loving. The blunt reality is that many times, a lot of women do not end up in these types of relationships. Instead, they become entangled in ‘situationships,’ half-relationships and alliances that are sub par, at most, and emotionally draining. Women who have been in extremely toxic relationships know that the attraction to toxic men themselves is almost magnetic, and here’s why.

Their ‘Wild Side’ Makes You Feel Safe

It’s the ultimate juxtaposition, but it’s true. Toxic men often have the ability to live life on the edge, and it can be easy to fall in love with the wild side they offer. Being in a relationship with men like this can feel chaotic, messy and disorganized.

Most times, after many women discover a man’s dark side, they are often in too deep. And the intoxicating feeling of being a turbulent relationship often becomes the norm.

Why It’s So Easy To Form Soul Ties With Toxic Men
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Love Bombing Feels Good

Love bombing happens in a relationship when one partner inundates another partner with excessive gestures of affection. At first, love bombing feels good and can create an initial bond. As the relationship progresses, it can become easy to be drowned in the feeling. And one when can become helpless when the love bombing transforms into gaslighting and abuse.

Why It’s So Easy To Form Soul Ties With Toxic Men
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The ‘Bread Crumbing’ Feels Amazing

Toxic men who are averse to being in a healthy relationship often “bread crumb” the women in their lives. “Bread crumbing” is the act of sending mixed signals, doing the barest minimum, and only doling out “love” and affection minimally.

When a toxic man is “bread crumbing,” the relationship is based on the woman struggling and groveling for his affection. This is why when he makes the smallest effort, it feels good and relieving.

It Seems So Transient

A toxic relationship is transient, and continues to evolve and change. The volatility can often seem exciting, which also leans into the “ride or die’ mentality, which is problematic too. The inconsistencies, lies, heartbreak can become a dangerous and harmful cycle that can damage your self-esteem in the long run.

If you are in a relationship with a toxic man who is hurting your heart, it may be time to reevaluate the relationship and reach out to your support system for ways to navigate the future and determine next steps. Toxic men don’t often change naturally, so taking steps to protect your heart is important.

Why It’s So Easy To Form Soul Ties With Toxic Men
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