Working from home for the past year and a half has convinced us that we need to create an in-home cubicle. There are ways to make your work space feel home-y, yet not too comfortable to hinder productivity. A clearer, organized space will lead to a less distracting work day, so these six items might need to go on your shopping list to brighten up your space.

Tablet stands 

You automatically look like your life is together if you have an iPad or tablet! Using a stand for your device like the Lamicall Multi-Angle Tablet Stand is a beneficial way to read, watch or write something while being hands-free. After your work is done, this can be handy in the kitchen as you scroll a digital cookbook or watch the show you’ve been meaning to catch up on.

Contact paper

If your work space is looking a little drab, purchase some contact paper from Amazon or Target to spice up your space. From granite-esque marble to black-and-white checkerboard, there’s many options to choose from to match the aesthetic of your office room. Who knows, maybe you’ll be excited to work from home!


Although the return to in-person work environments is becoming more and more common, Zoom meetings have become the norm, due to their convenience. You don’t need to purchase a microphone for video chats, since your computer or phone has a built-in mic, but investing in a microphone for any one-on-one meeting or interview might be handy in case you want to use your spare time to begin a podcast.

Ring lights

Lights, camera...action! If you’re in the digital career field or in dire need for an on-camera look, ring lights are worth the investment. Whether your budget is small or larger, Amazon has an abundance of options for you to choose from. Also, this can be your secret when your friends ask why your selfies have been looking so glamorous!

Essential oils

The aromas of lavender and chamomile are all about relieving stress, and if you’re consistently working from home, you’re going to need it. Add a few drops of these scents to your oil diffuser and watch the magic work as your productivity improves.


Staying organized and ahead of everything can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have a planner or calendar. Don’t worry, you can bullet journal, use a simple notebook, the notes app on your phone or you could purchase a planner. Black-owned brands like Ivory Paper and Aya Paper will not only support a Black business, but your planner will be personalized to fit you.