Toni thee living legend Braxton is adding another notch to her iconic belt. The Grammy-award winning singer announced her vegan skincare line Nude Sugar to the world with a gorgeous shoot featuring herself and a few models of all skintones. Toni, who has been giving us life via her Instagram videos and moments like the one she shared with Jada Pinkett Smith for the actress’ 50th birthday, announced that Nude Sugar is available in Ulta stores worldwide.

The line includes lotions, serums and mists and is formulated specifically for people of color and those suffering from dry skin and hyperpigmentation. “It hasn’t been easy just finding that right potion or the right lotion or the right cream for your skin to make it luminous and supple. That can make it plump, makes it feel good,” she said. 

The Sugar Plum Elixir Restore & Renew Body Serum features a moisturizing blend of humectants and preps your skin for heavy creams while the The Creém, a moisturizer formulated for longer wear, is enriched with shea butter, sweet almond oil, and super-hydrator squalane. “My skin as an African American tends to be a little drier,” Braxton added.

“Since I’m getting up there, just going outside in the sun, and all the years of the things that I’ve done to my body being in the entertainment business. For me, it was having hyperpigmentation or sometimes you get light spots. I wanted to do something that represented me. I wanted something that I knew really worked.” 

Fans and skincare enthusiasts alike will also be happy to know that Nude Sugar will also have a shower gel, body mist and body lotion along with a hair mist—all of which will be rolled out over time. 

We love to see so many Black women creating products specifically designed for our skincare concerns. Plus, if Toni Braxton is using it and looking that good at 50, we're going to need two of everything!

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