Zayna Allen

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Zayna Allen is a staff writer for 21Ninety with a focus on entertainment and lifestyle. She currently hosts several 21Ninety Live! episodes along with her writing for the outlet. Her work extends past journalism as she is also a digital producer and has been on productions with brands like Hot 97, Allure, GQ, Cheddar News, TV One and more. Driven by her passion for Black women and sharing stories of underrepresented people, she has co-founded two businesses. Her business, Rolling With, is a content series focused on destigmatizing the use of cannabis amongst everyday people. Her other company, Hybrid Host Workshop, is a 12 week course created to help aspiring on-air talents break into the media industry. • Created and produced her own radio show, “Tea Time with Zayna The Brand” • Crowned New Day Associates’ Miss International Beauty 2018 • Earned her bachelor’s degree in communications from the Delaware State University Follow Zayna @ZaynaTheBrand on Instagram and on Twitter. I adhere to the highest benchmarks for ethical integrity and accuracy in journalism as outlined in The 21Ninety editorial policy.