Queen Latifah’s tresses are always on point, but we never really know how she does it. In a recent video circulating online, the icon shared the secret about the identity of her hair dresser.

The Grand Reveal

In a circulating video on Twitter, Queen Latifah finally showed us who the magician behind her flawless hair. For over three decades, Latifah has graced our screens with grace, entertaining us along the way and giving us inspiration for our edges, and that is something that we have been intrigued by. Over the years, she has rocked every hairstyle with the utmost grace and style, with every hair perfectly tucked in place, and no strays. Many Black women know that even on the most perfect of hair days, sometimes things get out of place, so the online hair enthusiast community rejoiced when the actress took to social media to show off her hairstylist.

While crunching on an apple, Latifah playfully revealed that her stylist is Lasia Merriweather, a celerity hairstylist who has worked with the ‘The Tiger Rising’ actress for years. It isn’t the first time that Queen Latifah is going online to sing Merriweather’s praises though. In 2015, the stylist won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Hairstyling For A Limited Series Or A Movie. She had been in charge of Queen Latifah’s hair arrangement for the leading role in “Bessie,” a biopic about Bessie Smith, the blues singer who became prominent in the early 20th century.

Over the years, Queen Latifah has spoken up about the  struggles she faced styling her hair at the beginning of her career. In an interview with Essence, she opened up about her hair journey and the challenges that she has faced.


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There you have it. We all finally know the “enigma” behind Queen Latifah’s lack of a bad hair day, but, something tells me that we won’t be able to book her on “Booksy” anytime in the future, because she is already booked and busy as it is.