With the New Year already off to quite a good start, people are taking steps to eat healthier — and be healthier — than ever before. Unfortunately, there are more than a few things that look healthy — and even sound healthy — but really aren't. 

The biggest trap that many well-meaning people fall into is the idea that just because something is labeled with a catchy buzzword — all-natural, gluten-free, fat-free, etc. — that it's healthier than the alternative, almost by default. For example, something could be gluten-free, fat-free, and all-natural, but still be high in calories and sugar. 

Here, then, are a list of eight foods that sound healthy but actually aren't. 

1. Sushi

Why it's no good for you: The fish is good for you, but the white rice is jam-packed with refined carbohydrates (simple sugars) and the soy sauce has insane amounts of salt. This will lead to weight gain and high blood pressure.

Eat this instead: Sashimi.

Sashimi is just the fish part of the sushi, and is jam-packed with protein and "good fats."

2. Granola

Why it's no good for you: The basis of granola is really good for you — whole oats, seeds, nuts — but commercially manufactured granola is chock full of fat, sugar, and calories. 

Eat this instead: The basic ingredients.

Are you craving whole oats, seeds, and nuts? Eat them instead. It's cheaper and healthier for you. 

3. Flatbread

Why it's no good for you: You may think when you wrap your sandwich in a flatbread that you're doing something good for yourself, but the reality is, you're consuming something that has twice as many calories as two slices of bread. 

Eat this instead: Lettuce wraps.

Skip the bread altogether, and wrap your sandwich in a lettuce wrap for an added crunch (and nutrient boost!). If bread is something you simply must have on your sandwich, consider bread made from ancient grains (like Kamut). 

4. Oat milk

Why it's no good for you: We can all agree that cow's milk is no good for you (and it tastes disgusting). But switching to oat milk isn't the answer, because it's jam-packed with sugars and simple carbohydrates.

Drink this instead: Raw almond milk.

Raw almond milk is high in protein and "good fats," and low in sugar. 

5. Yogurt

Why it's no good for you: Yogurt has gotten a good reputation because it's one of the few foods that are high in probiotics, which are instrumental to your gut's health. But the problem is, many yogurts you find in the supermarket are also high in saturated fat and sugar, so any benefit from the probiotics is canceled out.

Eat this instead: Skyr

The Icelandic style of yogurt is packed with protein and probiotics, and the plain version of the yogurt has no added sugar.

6. Sports drinks

Why it's no good for you: Sure, you see athletes singing the praises of sports drinks because it "replenishes their electrolytes." But are you working out the way they are? Probably not. So, you're putting needless amounts of sugar and salt in your body for no reason. 

Drink this instead: Water

Unless your name is Candace Parker or Simone Biles, sports drinks are a waste of money and calories. If you're thirsty, drink water. 

7. Instant oatmeal

Why it's no good for you: It's processed, it's high in sugar, and it has no soluble fiber or any other nutritional value. 

Eat this instead: Whole oats

You'll not only get a protein and fiber-packed punch, but you'll feel fuller for longer. 

8. Pretzels

Why it's no good for you: Back when everything was "low-fat everything," pretzels were all the rage. But the reality is, it's nothing more than refined flour (simple carbohydrates), fat, and salt. Even by the best interpretation, pretzels are nothing but garbage. 

Eat this instead: Whole vegetables

You can never go wrong with whole sliced vegetables as a snack.

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